Friday, November 13, 2015


The goal of this blog is for me to capture as many memories as possible in a place that I can access easily. It is not a goal to tell a specific story but just a series of stories that happen to be in chronological order. Whatever pattern or connections that emerge beyond the narrative will be coincidental or your own creation.

The title of the blog relates to something specific that happened in my teens which I will reveal when we get there...but I think it is also appropriate because it speaks to many parts of my life; My days with divorcing parents, my love of improvisation and also, my own weaknesses as a person.

I believe that the most important things in life are memories and legacy. If you can leave this earth with positive memories and a legacy, then that will keep you living just a little bit longer than your physical self.

I don't think that my life is special. We're all special. We all live and have lived very unique lives. This is just a memoir of the path my life has taken me.